Progressive Waterproofing Solutions


Waterproof Structures is far more than just a construction waterproofing company.


in addition to the development of a new standard of waterproofing protection we have developed integrated 'complete' systems giving unparalleled ease of design, construction and functional longevity.


We strive to lead the industry through significant investment into research regarding detailed design, robust application management systems and installation of only the very best materials sourced through our extensive supplier network.


Our service can be enlisted long before a sod has been turned taking advantage of our 'free' pre installation system which offers the home owner,project designers and the construction team the highest possible level of protection.


Give us a call, what have you got to lose ?



Recent News



Burwood Hospital Concrete Repairs 
Waterproof Structures staff working on Burwood Hospital. Waterproof Structures is carrying out concrete strengthening through slot stiching using pourable epoxies along with crack injection and other methods.

 CerfiFill construction fill for watertight buildings

BioRoof ™ Waterproof Structures own complete and site specific living roof system, design apprasied, installed and certified by Waterproof Structures.


CertiFill Construction Fill for Watertight Buildings

 CerfiFill construction fill for watertight buildings CertiFill ™ is Waterproof Structures own certified below ground system.
CertiFill ™ is an integrated complete system giving the ultimate in protection from water ingress.